Our Brand

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Our Brand stands for Quality and Service. In the same way, we attach importance to Sustainability and Environmental Protection. We want to offer our Customers and Fans the perfect Snack, whether as a Dessert or in between. Combined with a good feeling of having chosen a high-quality, fresh, and sustainable Product.

The Founder

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My Name is Udo Gaedig, and I was born and raised in Germany in 1986.
As the Child of a Family who has a F&B Business for Events and Fairs, I had early Experience with this Business. Already as a young adult, I started my own F&B Business. Among other things, I was represented at the Christmas Market in Dortmund, internationally known for the world‘s largest Christmas Tree. 

On my Travels and Vacations with my Lifepartner Mandy Bluhm, we learned to love especially Dubai and the UAE. The Way of Life and the Energy that prevail there corresponds exactly to our Personality. 

Our Product fits perfectly in Dubai, the UAE, and the GCC.
In this environment, we can perfectly integrate our Service and Quality Standards to give our customers the best possible Experience.

Stalls and Stores

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Our Stores have a clean, high-Quality Design that blends well with its surroundings to convey Confidence and Quality.

Our delicious Fruit Skewers are presented on a glass refrigerated Counter. This gives our customers an optimal View, and our Food is always well-cooled. Due to the low height of our refrigerated Counters, children and, for example, Wheelchair users also get a good view of our Product Range.

We require an area from 65 to 550 sqft. We can realize our concept from a Kiosk or Stall with 65 sqft (also for outdoor space) or a small Store with 550 sqft. We require a Freshwater Connection and a 63 Amp electrical Connection for proper and hygienic operation.